30. oktober 2006

Hva humor kan føre til ...

Jokes can also be gloriously intimate things. Finding someone with the same sense of humor is a little bit like finding a compatible sexual partner. The same things turn you on. Each of us know there are things that we’re a little bit ashamed to laugh at, just as we all have sexual proclivities we’d rather not reveal on a first date. But we just can’t help it -- we can’t decide what makes us laugh any more than we can decide what gets us off. And when you do find a date who laughs at the same off-color jokes, that first taboo that you break together leads to the shedding of other inhibitions, hang-ups and, quite often, pants.

Fra Jimmy Carr/Lucy Greeves: "Only Joking. What’s So Funny About Making People Laugh?" Gotham Books, New York 2006.

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"Juleroser" fra Samlaget, det vakreste juleheftet man kan tenke seg. Et litterært julehefte med bidrag frå nokre av dei fremste...