10. desember 2007

Amazon Kindle ikke for deg og meg ... ennå

Jeg nevnte at jeg hadde mailet amazon.com og spurt om den trådløse forbindelsen til Amazon Kindle virket her i Norge. Her er svaret jeg fikk:

Hello from Amazon.com.

Thank you for writing to us about the availability of Amazon Kindle and purchasing content from the Amazon Kindle Store internationally.

At this time, we are unable to offer the Amazon Kindle and associated digital content from the Kindle Store to our international customers due to import/export laws and other restrictions.

Currently we do not have any information about if or when the Amazon Kindle will be available for international customers, but we do recommend that you continue to check the website for future international availability.

To successfully purchase digital content from the Amazon Kindle Store, the 1-Click payment method listed on the Manage Your Kindle page must have a United States billing address.

When you place your order for an Amazon Kindle, both the billing address for the payment method and the shipping address for the delivery must be recognized by our systems as valid United States addresses.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We value our international customers and hope to make content available in your location in the future. Please continue to check our website for additional information on supported locations.

Thank you for your interest in Amazon Kindle.

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