27. februar 2014


Ill. fra Rudolf Noeltes filmatisering (jfr. to innlegg nedenfor). Michael Haneke har også filmatisert Slottet.
Det er ingen spøk å lese Kafkas Slottet. Se bare denne kommentaren på GoodReads:

The devil has a library. Alongside Necronomicon and Malleus Maleficarum, you can find a copy of Franz Kafka's The Castle. To read this is to know pain. This book is an ungodly torment. It doesn't even have proper paragraph division. There are paragraphs that contain chapters inside themselves. How much of a mind twist is that? Wall of text of death! The narrative unravels in a feverish and dream-like state and never breaks from it. Nevertheless, I manage to finish reading this sucker. Oh! I am the baddest motherfucker alive and I wasn't going to give up just like that. While reading The Castle, I experienced nausea, boredom, anxiety, nervous breakdown and unsurpassed rage. I survived through it all. I half expected that, in the last chapter, Franz Kafka would reveal this book as being a big joke. He would congratulate the reader for reading thus far and offer his sincerest apologizes for such torture. It never happened. I hear he died before finishing The Castle. Maybe that was his intended ending.
Selv klarer jeg meg heldigvis langt bedre, men Slottet er en ganske annen leseutfordring enn Prosessen og Forvandlingen.

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