21. august 2016

Da Edith Sitwell møtte Marilyn Monroe

Foto: George Silk for LIFE i 1953.

 “On the occasion of our meeting she wore a green dress and, with her yellow hair, looked like a daffodil. She was very quiet, and had great natural dignity, I cannot imagine anyone who knew her trying to take a liberty with her and she was extremely intelligent. She was also exceedingly sensitive. In repose her face was at moments strangely, prophetically tragic, like the face of a beautiful ghost. A little Spring ghost, an innocent fertility daemon, the vegetation spirit that was Ophelia. We talked mainly, as far as I remember, about Rudolf Steiner, whose works she had just been reading. I told her stories about Helen Rootham’s unfortunate Steiner phase, when I had been compelled to witness what I believe was known as a Nature Dance, something uniting one, I expect, with Mother Earth, in which ladies of only too certain an age galloped with large bare dusty feet over an uncarpeted floor. I am afraid that Miss Monroe and I could not resist laughing about it.”

Edith Sitwell om møtet med Marilyn Monroe

Om bakgrunnen for dette møtet finner du HER.
Og hvis du ikke vet hvem Edith Sitwell var, så les HER.

En av mine yndlingsbøker, en slitt Penguin-utgave av Edith Sitwells English Eccentrics, med et av Cecil Beatons portretter av henne på forsiden. Sitwell var selv kjent som en eksentriker.

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